Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fall 2006

Map of Spain with our route superimposed in green.

We flew from Madrid to Vigo.

We drove from there to Barcelona.

With many, many towns in between.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Streets of Santiago de Compostela

Happy to be in Spain

Madrid's Palacio Real

Madrid -Reina Sofia Museum

Needed wheelchairs in the museums due to pesky fractured tibia

Barcelona, Terry and his dad, Nikos

Park Guell -Barcelona

Sagrada Familia - the oldest part of the church, from the late 1800's. The church burned (along with Gaudi's workshop) in 1936 during the Civil War.

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona

Gaudi's Sagrada Familia

Post modernist Knight on the new front of the Sagrada Familia -Barcelona

festival in Zaragoza

Olite, in the castle's shadow

Olite castle

Olite castle

view from castle-windmills

road to the castle- Olite

Had a quick breakfast there on the street where the bulls run.

Laurel & Hardy were known for their kabobs



Guggenheim -floral puppy

Bilbao, Guggenheim and moon

Bilbao- Guggenheim

hanging jamon!

Ow, my hands hurt

post-dessert desserts! 4 hour lunch at Arzak

In the car in wine country

Gehry hotel at the Riscal winery

It's 3 o clock-Time to stand in the square with cheese and wine


On the road in wine country

Rioja- Dolmen called the Witch's Hut



These were everywhere throughout Rioja

Touristas in the rain- Rioja

San Sebastian

San Sebastian buildings

San Sebastian- Gimpy in distance...

Peppers commonly seen in Rioja


Small Riojan town


Countryside near Altamira

strange rocks in them there hills..Asturias

view from hotel in Villamayor, Asturias

Ruffian running away with my Crutches in Asturias

one of our parador's courtyards- Santiago

Santiago pilgrims and tourists- mom and carolyn