Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yakima Haul.

[click on images to get close up of fancy labels!]

We went to Yakima this weekend for a wine tour. We forgot our camera. If we had brought it you would have seen pictures that contrasted the green valley with the surrounding brown hills. The hills are like brown velvet cloth draped over squat furniture.

You would also see pictures of our travel companions, Ryan & Darlene, (seen in these pages in the Turkey section) in various environments holding up glasses of wine.

We got lucky, the tour wasn't filled, so we had the limo to ourselves. We drove to about 6 wineries and tried several wines at each place. We ended in our favorite winery that we discovered recently: Sagelands. Their cab is better than its price. We tried their older stuff. Being driven around in the limo was great, we had lunch at Silverlake winery, they had a great view of the valley.

Anyway during the tour we drank a lot, we'd try about four or more wines per winery. We never go drunk, just a little fuzzy towards the end. We started just near Zillah and then wound our way back towards Yakima. Some of the places were a little sad, some were super pro. Our favorite besides Sagelands was Two Mountains. They had great wine that we tasted in their warehouse. Unlike other places, the bar didn't smell like ferment, the dogs were sweet and there were no fruit flies. One of the places had fruit flies crawling over everything. That and their wine wasn't that great. One "Bone Dry Chardonnay" was anything and the person behind the counter didn't know much. berk, we left with alacrity.

We ended up buying 23 bottles of wine! Splurgy for a cheapo me. Here's a picture of our purchases (repeats have been removed we bought several of the same bottles).


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