Sunday, July 08, 2007

Archeological Tour of Dingle peninsula

Archeological Tour of the peninsula


Reask Monastic Site, fourth or fifth century AD.
The monk's oven.

Gallarus Oratory; seventh century. Really gorgeous, it's difficult to convey in the photo- corbelled rock - each stone so well placed that it seemed absolutely airtight.

Ogham Stones. One of the earliest forms of Irish script carved on what were basically tombstones, letting passers by know that "Osric was here, son of so and so, brave warrior" etc.. Popular in the fifth century as serious grave markers, they became re-popularized in the 18th century when they became chic lawn furniture. You just HAD to have them. So they removed them from their original locations and put them in their gardens. English lords especially. Like pink flamingos today.

The spit of land the family castle stood upon. Ferriter's Castle stood right there, on Ferriter's Cove. Nice little beach they have there, lots of caves for hiding and murdering. Then Cromwell came, and that was the end.

Town sign for Ballyferriter, in the Irish, don't you know.

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