Saturday, July 14, 2007


View from our hotel window

Carpet! Bought it.

Terry after purchasing said rug; a little nervous, with a wee touch of buyers remorse.

Terry, mouthing off in front of the Egyptian Obelisk in the Hippodrome

It seems I was trying to imitate the Virgin Mary in the Blue Mosque. What sacrilege.

Me, tearing off my oppressive headgear

Terry with a glass of Turkish Raki, acting the pasha on the rooftop deck of our hotel. Just about every structure in Istanbul has a rooftop deck.

Ryan snapped a shot of Terry and I in the Spice Market. The guy on the right had just said, "I have Fish and Chips for you!"

In the Mosaic Museum. Another fine pic from Ryan.

Near the Galata bridge- looking at the Bosphorus


"Meatballs" through the glass.

Medusa head. Don't know why the Medusa in the background is making such a face.

Ryan and Darlene, our travel companions in Istanbul.

Fishing on the Bosphorus.

Ryan and Leigh at the Archeological Museum

In the Cisterns under Istanbul. Great place to go on an extremely hot day

Upside down Medusa head

"Pillar of Tears"


Beyoglu honey dripping tower of pastry

Darlene at the Cafe in the Arasta Bazaar.

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